Adding new section

Click on ‘Table of Contents’ to enter a new section for the book, it may be one of the chapters, or acknowledgement, preface, prologue, about the author, etc.

On the right hand side you can add the body portion of the chapter.

Editor toolbar

Our editor toolbar supports the following features:

Font style, Font Family, Font Size, Bold, Italic, Hyperlink, Superscript, Subscript, Numbered and Bulleted lists, Code, Code blocks, Block Quotes, drawing horizontal lines, inserting images in between the text, Inserting full width Tables, Having special characters like Arrows, Mathematical symbols, Currencies and Latin text.

Inserting images inside chapters

Use the image icon seen in the toolbar and insert an image inside any chapter.

The story you edit is autosaved, you can close them and revisit to continue editing later.

Designing the cover page

Click on ‘File’ menu where you can either upload an already designed cover page or create a new one using Canva’s plugin.

Design book cover with Canva

Download eBook files

Once you are done with the content, click on ‘Download’ button to download the eBook in ePUB or PDF file formats.

Read more about various types of printing.

If you’d like us to upload your eBook to Google Play Books store, just click on ‘Publish’ button and fill out the form and submit.

We’ll take care of the rest.

Happy publishing!