Frequently Asked questions

What is Magic Author?

Magic Author is a platform or tool developed to make lives easier for the writer's community. It helps create eBooks from the start in formats like ePUB and PDF. Also it can distribute your finished eBooks to Google Play Books store.

Does it accept coding/programming markdown? I mean I want to make programming books.

Yes, it is possible. Our tool accepts any coding / programming language along with markdown. It supports both 'code' and 'code block'.

Does the ebook editor work with images i.e., can I embed images in my ebook?

Yes, you can upload / embed images inside the eBook. Check out our how-to guide.

When I upload MS Word doc, does your system copy it according to the layout/template or I have to copy them one by one?

Yes, you can simply copy all the content from a Word doc or Google doc and paste it in our editor. It will come with the expected line breaks and other formatting like Bold, Italic or Hyperlinks as is.

However you've to select the font family from our editor and upload images if needed.

Can I download the completed book to upload to my website or any other third party website?

Yes, you can download the ebook in ePUB / PDF formats and do whatever you want. No restrictions.

Does this support PDF/X-1a:2001 or PDF/X-3:2002 files?

We generate PDF files with version 1.7

Can I write in any language?

We've enabled these languages currently in our platform. If you feel your language is missing from the list and want to add, please write to us.

Is it an GPT-3 supported AI writing tool?

AI / GPT-3 support is in our roadmap. Currently it is not enabled.

Can you say what this does that software like MS Word, LibreOffice, Scrivener, or Calibre do not?

Our editor gives an elegant writing experience, you no need to worry about formatting, layout or syntax. It is a no-code tool best suited for creative artists who prefer to invest their time in drafting better stories rather than dealing with a software.

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